Welcome to The Blessed In-Between

Hi ya!  Welcome to my new blog.  For once in my life I made a new years resolution and this blog is the result.  “Who are you?” you may ask.  Well for my own privacy I’ll be blogging by the name Francie or Mrs. Q.  These days it’s good to have a somewhat protective layer between blogger and audience so that’s why for the moment I’m not giving my full name.  That being said my purpose for this blog is to communicate my honest reflections, contemplations, and hopefully some good recipes.  I have very eclectic interests ranging from foreign relations (which I don’t necessarily know a ton about but am learning) to how to make the most tender pot roast.  For a bit more about the author (me…it’s so weird writing in the third person) go to the about page where something in the description may interest or offend you depending on your mood.  If I offended you…sorry about that!  If I interested you…then hey there hi and thanks for reading.


This is just a little teaser post as I get this here bloggy (I like the sound of bloggy or should it be bloggie?) off and running.  Stayed tuned and thanks for stopping by.  Now go make yourself a nice yummy sandwich!




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