When a Pet Passes

gingersnapWhat a 24 hours.  First I find out a client dies (my clients are canines) and then I find out my favorite cookbook author’s dog died yesterday too.  I’m reminded by how painful pet loss is by knowing of others pain and grieving.  A year ago last week was the passing of my beloved 16 year old cat.  I got him as a still fresh woman, unaware of certain pains only more mature adults can understand.  My cat was my companion and forgiver.  While I was out gallivanting and attempting to “save the world” he was home sleeping and waiting for his next meal.  Clearly he got the raw end of things.

My cat taught me bout unconditional love both in giving and receiving.  He also taught that every creature can teach another something each day.  Our new Betta fishes are teaching me each day how interactive they are.  Ruby our crown tail female swims over in her bowl to meet me several times a day and I’m still a little shocked by this.  I swear these fishes are more active than my cat was sometimes.

Our client that died was a Chihuahua Dachshund like our dog.  While our dog looks more Chihuahua, our client was definitely more Dachshund.  She loved to bark and we worked with her to minimize such behavior.  Her quick wit and sharp observation brought her to the top of the pack when she was with us.  She became a favorite and was a good friend to other dogs.

The last video we took with her in it is from less than 2 months ago.  A Loretta Lynn country gospel song was playing in the background.  No kidding…these are the words:

Yeah I’m a gettin’ ready to go to a place called Heaven
I’m gonna praise my Saviour’s name everyday that I’m livin’
Glory hallelujah I’m not ashamed to let the salvation show
This old world’s just my dressin’ room and I’m a gettin’ ready to go

We had no idea she would be gone so soon.  I don’t know if our pets make it to Heaven.  I hope they do.  We will miss you G!





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