Why I Didn’t and Won’t Ever Participate in “Women’s Day” Events

Yesterday I had no time to take a day off for some cause that doesn’t actually represent me.  There was my wife, who was home sick with the flu who needed my from scratch nutrient dense chicken soup.  She needed me to go up and down the stairs more than a couple times for things like Vick’s Vaporub and tissue.  She needed my real and “fake” smiles.  She needed my care so she can get better and go back to work to care for me.  My wife’s work was to rest and heal.  My work was to make sure she got the time and space to do just that.

Then there were the six dogs in my care from three different families that I couldn’t take a day off from.  If I didn’t feed them, potty them, walk them, and nurture them, I’d be guilty of neglect and abuse.  These little ones needed my reassurance and “fake” smiles too.  Worse, I’d have been breaking a contract of deep trust with the three women who hired me to care for their dogs, who also didn’t have the luxury of taking time off.

Please don’t starve me on your Women’s day!


Of course there’s the issue of the muffins.  Yes…muffins.  I just wanted to make some darn muffins.  Baking makes me happy and while it’s work, it’s a labor of love that gives me great pleasure, especially when I can share my food.  I gave away half a dozen muffins yesterday, including 2 of these treats that went to…gasp…a man!  That’s right a so called “lesbian” of color on Women’s Day gave a white, middle class heterosexual man some warm from the oven banana chocolate chip walnut muffins.  Terrible I know.

In essence, I spent “Women’s Day” as I would every day, which means I had stuff I had to do and did stuff that I wanted to do.  Some things I felt excited about and some things for a moment felt like a chore but I was still glad to do it.  Why?  Because I’m not just a woman but a lady.  And I’m not just a lady but an American lady.  There are few days off for real American women, and for most of us, this is a beloved choice, even on hard days.

The truth is “Women’s Day” should really be called “Female Communist Sympathizers Day”* because that’s actually the origin of the whole convoluted thing.  Most women are quite frankly too busy living a life to avoid not smiling or doing the dishes.  Only Communists/Socialists are too lazy for smiling.  The rest of us have to get on with the business of being fully human, so taking time and energy to not do things, is just too much time and energy at the end of the day.

I don’t live my life according to the dictates of some corpotare sponsored mishegas.  My identity is based on something these “politics as God” religionists can’t understand.  Everyday I serve the Lord, then my family, then my neighbors.  Causes, groups, and politics is not my savior but the red tinged social justice crowd can’t understand that.  They’re looking to advance their version of utopia (meaning literally -no where) where no one has genitals, gender, sex, work, struggle, challenge, children, pets, love or life.  Of course many of these “useful idiots” haven’t been told that’s the end game directly…yet.

You’ll never see me or my wife on Women’s Day do more than be ourselves.  We don’t need to pretend to be a part of “something bigger” based on ego and victimization to feel like real women.  From Edward Bernays Torches of Freedom propaganda where smoking was equated with women’s “liberation”- to the legacy of white former slave owners attempting to keep free Black women from being homemakers, corporate feminism has long forgotten the very essence of what it means to be liberated.  Not smiling, not caring, and wearing red isn’t freedom.  It’s another flavor of coercion just like the above examples.

Keystone Light…a beer no female Communist would enjoy.

Instead of participating in a United Nations (aka Socialist New Age forced globalism) sponsored bitter beer face competition for a day, I’d rather just try to love women as I love myself, even when those women kill their babies, take on the negative qualities of men, and shame other women for wanting to bring their daughters into appropriate bathrooms.

Life, real life, is not about paid or unpaid work and taking the day off from it.  For me life is about living it, even when those who claim to be united with you are anything but.  Yesterday I lived my life as a woman exactly as I was meant.  In service and in love.  It wasn’t a woman’s day but a real day.  And it was pretty delicious!


banana muffinsHere’s the recipe: http://www.tasteofhome.com/recipes/chocolate-banana-muffins



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