This is the page that will give you deep insight and mental clarity.  Ok this is simply the page that tells you a bit more about the author of The Blessed In-Between and what you may need to know in case of a blogging emergency.

So here’s the deal:  I like to think of myself as an excellent homemaker, dog lover, and most importantly follower of Jesus Christ the only Son of God the Father.  Now before you get all scaredy cat and run off to the hills I’m telling you this because:

Everything I do that means something to me (and sometimes even things that mean a little less) is colored by my faith in Christ.  I’m not interested in proselytizing or converting you if that worries ya.  I’m also not going to hide my beliefs either even if someone, anyone, everyone says I shouldn’t believe how I believe.  I answer to God and He alone will decide the fate of my soul.  Boy that sounded heavy didn’t it?

With that in mind I’m just a regular housewife who runs a small business and loves her life, wife, and dog (queue record skip sound now).  Yes I love Jesus and am same sex married.  This isn’t a big deal for me but some folks have opinions about this.  The opinions range from:

Conservative– “A gay Christian?  That’s impossible!”


Liberal– “A gay Christian?  That’s impossible!”

Ha!  Well guess what…I’m not gay!  But yes I’m a biologically female woman lady married to another biologically female woman lady and yes we’re Christians and yes and no and yes.  Oh and my wife is a crazy hot butch.  Now you know.

Here’s some other mind-boggling facts about moi:

  • I was raised in Minneapolis MN and have lived in socialist Portland, Oregon for over 20 years.
  • I pass the paper bag test.
  • I don’t care if people don’t like me because I pass the paper bag test.
  • I don’t care if people like me because I pass the paper bag test (actually it annoys me when people are nice to me because they assume I’m some down-trodden minority).
  • My primary objectives in life is to worship the Lord, serve my wife, be a good dog mama, and afford good cotton sheets.
  • Creativity is important in my life.
  • My wife and I love America, crappy movies, books, nature (we love it but don’t worship it), family, friends, good beer, The Michael Berry Show, and America.
  • My cooking is delicious.
  • My house is almost always clean.
  • I have a love/hate relationship with the news and limit my time with all forms of media.
  • Some might say I’m a digital minimalist or luddite but I think of my relationship with technology in terms of using it for what I want…and discard the rest of it.
  • One could call me a conservative libertarian I guess.
  • I believe in religious freedom and will fight for it regardless of who wants to use whatever bathroom.
  • My wife and I just want to be left alone and not dragged into some utopian we-are-the-world world view.  We value highly freedom, liberty, privacy, and delicious pizza.

    Cannon Beach…my favorite place in the world.

As you can see from the limited description above, my life is kind of lived somewhere in between a lot of sides.  The whole – this side thinks this and that side thinks that – just doesn’t work for me.  I live a life of nuance that cannot be defined by mere political affiliation, religious designation, or any other box that’s easy to check off when a form is filled out.  My life is lived in the blessed (bless-ed) in-between where no online profile or identity can ever sum up my existence.  I’m not a brand or an easy to define kind of thinker.

If you’re reading this blog then you are someone I want reading it.  If you’re offended by this blog, well then c’est la vie and take care and bye.  I’m not here to argue with anyone or prove anything.  This blog is for sharing things I know or think I know, connecting to others who may also live their version of the blessed in-between in their own lives, and for scoring some  delicious recipes because I rock when it comes to that. There are lots of topics that interest me and I plan to discuss many of them here.  Most likely we won’t always or even often agree.  And that’s a good thing!  Let’s vow now to always think…and think….and think.  And if you want to disagree respectfully, then leave a comment.  If you want to agree or add some details I didn’t, leave a comment.  I think disagreement is a healthy thing.  I’d rather sit at a table with someone who doesn’t “approve” of my life but thinks independently than someone who just signs off on the dotted-party-line and panders to me.  Pandering is a no-no!

I’d like to think of my writing style on this blog as one where I’d be talking to a family member or friend.  The tone is hopefully refreshingly honest.  I’m pretty mirthful but also rather serious and sometimes downright nerdy.

Anyway thanks for reading this diatribe description.  Now back to your other regularly scheduled distractions.


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